Reviews - solo recitals

Monaco Cathedral
Photo: AnnaReet Gillblad

"Gunnar Idenstam is a sensation! As far as I am concerned no one has ever created the sort of music that he creates. I am speechless."
Helsingin Sanomat 2020

"Individuality is the word you can append on the Swede Gunnar Idenstam, who´s organ improvisations occupy their own universe - part hard apocalyptic progressive rock, part elfin folklore, part nave shaking French symphony. Idenstam´s touch of the organ is as funky as it is majestic."
Gramophone 2018

"Gunnar Idenstam is a versatile person: organ virtuoso, composer, arranger and folk musician. He is also a cross-over artist who likes, or finds it necessary, to stretch the borders between genres."
Music Web International 2020

"His most exciting arrangement is "La Valse" by Maurice Ravel. The complex structures of the score becomes in Idenstam´s organ arrangement a three dimensional experience. "This is exactly what it is about", says Idenstam. Following the score precisely, and intellectually understand it, makes it natural to transcribe the sound of the orchestra to his own palette of sounds on the organ. Ravels "Daybreak" also turns out wonderfully beautiful."
Berliner Morgenpost 2015

"Idenstam´s love for the folk music and the symphonic rock of the 70´s manifests in his improvisation and composition style in such a convincing way, that you cannot talk about crossover music of classical and pop, but more about a kind of music that independently of musical styles unfolds in its own beauty."
Nord West Zeitung 2016

"Idenstam showed his unique way of integrating pop music influences with organ in two movements from his own Cathedral Music played with an intense expression without forcing the sound and a very high class harmonical and natural playing. A true creator who really makes the audience to feel well."
Van Guardia Spain 2004