Reviews - A Saami Requiem

Photo: Håkan Olsson

"A Saami Requiem is the brainchild of Gunnar Idenstam and Ola Stinnerbom. Idenstam is an organist known for innovative programing and conceptual projects, such as pairing traditional Christmas music with Swedish folk music, writing organ music influenced by heavy metal, and transcribing orchestral showpieces by Debussy and Ravel for the instrument. Stinnerbom is a stage artist, singer, dancer, drummer, and member of the Saami, an indigenous people who have inhabited portions of northern Scandinavia and Russia for thousands of years. Together with fellow performers on guitars, percussion, and vocals, they have masterminded what in other contexts would be termed a concept album. The Journey and The Kingdom of Death, on the other hand, are full original ideas that on the surface seem incompatible but blend gloriously together."

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