Reviews - duo recital with Christian Lindberg, trombone

At the organ of S:t Eustache Cathedral, Paris
Photo: Anders Neglin

"From the moment the two instrumentalists enter the stage they break down all the conservative preconceptions. Their natural behavior on stage is like a fresh breeze that freshens up the rigid conventionalism, and invites you to have a wondeful time enjoying music.
Idenstam played two movements from his own Cathedral Music: Charming and natural!
The concert ended with an incredible arrangement of Ravel's Bolero and a suite from Romeo and Juliet. The audience responded with a great amount of cheer, admiring whistling and overwhelming applause."
El Pais, Spain 2004

"Both artists managed with bravura to create the intense crescendo in their arrangement of Bolero, while in Romeo and Juliet they showed both the festive and melancholic characters without losing the passion and the drama."
El Mondo, Spain 2004