Reviews - Bach på svenska (Bach in Swedish)

Bach in Swedish
Gunnar Idenstam and Lisa Rydberg
Photo: Per-Åke Persson

"The similarities between Baroque music and folk music has been wellknown for quite some time now. But when Idenstam / Rydberg released their first CD Bach in Swedish in 2007 it was a sensation anyway. On the new CD Tyska klockorna they hit us right away with their crazily heavy groove."

Dagens Nyheter 2014

"These two musicians are thoroughly traditional and at the same time so refreshingly different. Lisa Rydberg plays Bach with a lightness and naturalness that is rarely heard on the violin. But that alone is not what makes this musician so special. She plays Bach with a passion that has never been experienced before. Lisa Rydberg's Bach dances. But not measured and dignified. This stream dances wildly, exuberantly and with great relish. And Lisa Rydberg dances along. This then leads to the next confusion. A musician played the best that violin and cello literature has to offer, so boldly, rousingly and contrary to all conventions. In addition, she occasionally bangs her feet on the floor and dances devotedly, but never exaggeratedly. That stream is physicality. Which may sound somewhat paradoxical, but anyone who has had the privilege of experiencing Lisa Rydberg knows that this is the case."

Kultur in Potsdam 2014