New CD with Erik Rydvall, nyckelharpa recorded on the new Klais organ in Kristiansand Cathedral for Toccata Next / Toccata Classics, London


Wonderful reviews of the CD Folkjul / A Swedish Folk Christmas!


"The disc concludes with the well-known Lutheran Christmas hymn From Heaven Above, which Idenstam combines with a new folk melody; this builds up to the most tremendous climax at the end, and when Ulrika Boden joins the choir, thundering organ and nimbly weaving violin with kulning, the emotional impact is almost overwhelming." Em Marshall Luck, MusicWeb International

"for the hallucinogenic La valse, Idenstam hits the mark with a heady, swirling performance." Charles T. Downey, ionarts Choice of the editor in Orgelnieuws.


From the film "Organist Idenstam - Licens to Dance" by Jonathan Eyre.
Drawings by Polina V. Shumova

2019 will be a year of composing, arranging, recording and publishing. Gunnar Idenstam will start his collaboration with the international publisher Le Chant du Monde, Paris/London, where the first works to be published are the complete suite Metal Angel and Symphonic Sonata. The project Metal Angel I and II is going to be recorded for Toccata Classics, London. Metal Angel I is a suite of solo pieces for organ and the recording will take place in Monaco Cathedral during the spring. Metal Angel II is a development of Metal Angel I, and here the organ is embraced by traditional rock instruments: Electric guitar and bass, and drums. The music is inspired by hard apocalyptic rock. In March will be the release of the CD Northern Stories with folk music together with Erik Rydvall, the rock star of the nyckelharpa.

In 2013 Gunnar Idenstam received the Royal Medal Litteris et artibus by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden and the same year he was elected into the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.


Anna Reet Gillblad

Best wishes!

Gunnar Idenstam



Prestigious Music Prize awarded to Gunnar Idenstam

In 2012 Gunnar Idenstam was awarded the prestigious Interprete Prize by the same Academy. The Jury said of Gunnar Idenstam: "He has created his own musical platform and with a sense of tradition and renewal he brings influences from different genres, far from the traditional organ world, into the context of organ music. With a dazzling technique, serious and yet playful, and with revolutionary improvisations, he creates organ art on the highest international level." The Prize was presented to Gunnar Idenstam on November 26 by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden.