Wonderful reviews of the Debussy / Ravel CD!

"for the hallucinogenic La valse, Idenstam hits the mark with a heady, swirling performance." Charles T. Downey, ionarts Choice of the editor in Orgelnieuws.


From the film "Organist Idenstam - Licens to Dance" by Jonathan Eyre.
Drawings by Polina V. Shumova

I just returned from France where I was a member of the Jury for the competition "Grand Prix de Chartres". In the fall 2016 I will perform in Bordeaux Cathedral, for the 5:th time in the fantasic Mariinsky Concert Hall in Saint Petersburg, later in Luxembourg Philharmonie and in December my project Folkjul / A Swedish Folk Christmas will be performed in various places in Sweden and in Moscow. I will also continue to compose new solo works for the coming CD Metal Angel / "French Cathedral Tradition meets Rock and Metal". The two video clips above are from the concert film "Organist Idenstam - Licence to Dance" by Jonathan Eyre. The film was comissioned by Swedish TV Channel Svt.

In June 2013 I was very honored indeed to receive the Royal Medal Litteris et artibus by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden. In May 2013 I was elected into the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. This is a particularly great honor for me, because I have so far chosen to build my career outside every musical community, or genre...


Anna Reet Gillblad

Best wishes!

Gunnar Idenstam



Prestigious Music Prize awarded to Gunnar Idenstam

In November 2012 Gunnar Idenstam was awarded the prestigious Interprete Prize by the same Academy. The Jury said of Gunnar Idenstam: "He has created his own musical platform and with a sense of tradition and renewal he brings influences from different genres, far from the traditional organ world, into the context of organ music. With a dazzling technique, serious and yet playful, and with revolutionary improvisations, he creates organ art on the highest international level." The Prize was presented to Gunnar Idenstam on November 26 by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden.