Northern Dances

Gunnar Idenstam and Erik Rydvall
Photo Elias Gammelgård

Scandinavian epic folk music with large church organ and nyckelharpa. The different colors of the organ add space, character, volume and atmosphere to the genuine folk tunes. The traditional Swedish folk instrument nyckelharpa origins from the 16:th century, and its Baroque like fragile sound is happily embraced by the delicate sounds of the organ. Or carried, like a flying eagle, over a majestic landscape with deep forest and high mountains, by a powerful Northern wind... The realm of folk dance is a fascinating soundscape of irregular pulse, ostinato like melody figures and improvised sections. The melodic and rhythmic variations are equally rich both in the musical tradition and in the tradition of hundreds of different types of dances... Majestic power, raw energy, clear elegance and meditation meet in a extatic musical dance that will take you to places you never visited.

Gunnar Idenstam, church organ, Erik Rydvall, amplified nyckelharpa.

Photo Elias Gammelgård