Metal Angel

Photo AnnaReet Gillblad

Metal Angel is a collection of eighteen pieces and one Symphonic Sonata for large modern symphonic organ, each piece associated with a different angel in a Gothic fantasy landscape. The title refers both to the metal genre of rock music and to the organ, with its metal pipes and angel-like shape.

As a composer, I am definitely aware that some events in the world, or in my famliy, can result in music. Most of the time the process in which the music comes to me is without words. I think it comes from an inner source, a direct link to the Creator, and a pure, powerful source that unifies us as human beings. With my music I want to tap this source, and open myself up for all kinds of feelings. Most of all, though, my music comes from my deep inner feeling of sorrow, melancholy and loss. I believe that we grow as humans by facing our inner fears, sorrows and joys.

The story of this album came to me gradually, as the music took shape. What if there are angels all around us, living in a parallel world, who try to communicate with us and guide us if we listen? The angels are the link between God/the Creator and us humans. There are both shining white angels and fallen black ones. The music on this recording reflects our own time – a time in which we have to deal with war, climate changes and pandemics. In such times it is more important than ever that we listen to the whispering of the good and light angels and not to the destructive dark ones.

1 hour of Metal Angel can look like this:

Waiting for
Angel´s Theme
Saga I
Toccata V
Metal Angel
Gothic Garden
Falling Angel
Dark Angel
Elegy for an Absent Angel
Saga III Epiloge

In Monaco Cathedral. Photo AnnaReet Gillblad

In Balboa Park, San Diego. Photo Robert F Lang, Spreckels Organ Society